Abby Díez is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, author, educator, and philanthropist from Dutchtown, Louisiana. A recent graduate of the University of New Orleans, Díez holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Studies. In her final year of undergraduate studies, she spent much time in the Netherlands working with international music education platforms while studying commercial music songwriting and producing at Codarts Pop Academy in Rotterdam. She currently holds the position as a content manager and staff writer for international arts and sustainability NGO, “CSPA”.

Her Mission:

Diez is driven by organizational and social outreach through the arts. Her passions extend outside of music into a more broad realm of creative production, communications, and cultural diplomacy. She has worked and continues to work with organizations and platforms within those realms and looks forward to studying public policy and cultural economics for a masters degree someday.  She hopes to be on the forefront of fighting for artist rights, protecting cultural heritage, and assuring the sustainability of the arts, cultural, and tourism sectors.

Her Music:

From studying musical theater, opera, jazz, classical, and popular music to working with veterans and legends of the global music industry, this country gal at heart has let music take her on an adventure which she shares through songwriting. With a self-proclaimed comically tragic life and the irony of the world as one of her biggest inspirations; she is most recognized for her genuine, often bold lyrics and sarcastic undertones.